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ООО "Фото-Ми Сервис" ( "Моя Планета Фото" ®)

Продажа оборудования, оказание различного вида фото услуг.


   Новинка 2015! Cублимационный принтер CTP3010  

   Компактный сублимационный принтер Brava-21  

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Easy Booth

Maximise your profitability

• Easy to operate, the Easy Booth offers maximum services from a minimum space with a compact and anti-vandal design.

• With its affordable price and its wide range of services (ID photo, portrait, Mini, Fun photos, Funny face, Digital photo printing via Bluetooth® and infrared)), it guarantees you fast profitability.

• A user friendly interface, integrated means of payment and high quality photos, make the Easy Booth simple to use and a successful booth.

• Always aware of the market, KIS Photo-Me integrates the new identity norms set up by the ICAO, in order to have Easy Booth products conform and usable by everybody everywhere in the world.

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